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Elderberry Gummies

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  • Max Strength: Black Elderberry Gummies

    aSquared Nutrition’s maximum strength Elderberry gummies contain 150mg of Black Elderberry per serving. With 90 great tasting gummies per bottle, you receive a full 30 day supply. Our proprietary 3 in 1 Elderberry supplement is enhanced with Vitamin C and Zinc to help boost immunity. Zinc and Vitamin C are powerful antioxidants that promote seasonal wellness. When combined with Elderberry (Sambucus nigra), you receive a powerful complex designed to support immune system health. *

    Our powerful and great tasting Black Elderberry formula also contains Zinc and Vitamin C antioxidant properties that may help boost the immune system, supports healthy brain function & cognition, supports heart health, supports blood circulation, supports healthy hair & skin, supports collagen production, and may help minimize wrinkles. *


    How Our Gummies Compare: 

    • Huge Supply: 90 Gummies per Bottle *
    • 150mg of Elderberry per Serving *
    • Enhanced with Vitamin C & Zinc *
    • Natural, Non-GMO, Vegan Friendly *
    • Third-Party Tested for Potency *
    • Formulated in the USA *



    • Vegan Friendly Formula *
    • Third Party Tested *
    • Made With Natural Ingredients *
    • Non-GMO Formula *
    • USA Formulated *


    • 90 Gummies per Bottle
    • 150mg of Elderberry per Serving
    • Enhanced with Vitamin C & Zinc
    • Great Tasting Natural Flavor


    • Supports Immunity *
    • Supports Seasonal Wellness *
    • Supports Brain Health *
    • Promotes Collagen Production *
    • Supports Hair & Skin Health *
    • Supports Digestion & GI Health *


    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • SUGGESTED USE: 3 gummies daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.


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